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Oct 23, 2016


I am new to storyline and am having a problem changing states.  I have a simple rectangle shape.  For the initial state, I made it blue with the letter A on it. I added the A by inserting a text box.  For the selected state, I put the text letter B on it and changed the color to purple. When mousing over the states, the states of the rectangle appear as I would like.  However, when clicked on in actual use (selected) the rectangle shows both the A and B text and changes to the selected color of purple.  What am I missing that the A still appears?  I am trying to duplicate the flashcard swipe activity.



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Jacquelyn Edwards

I've made this error before... such a simple fix! I've even gone to the extent of creating two state changes: one for the rectangle and one for the text box and had problems with the hover. Only to realise what I was doing wrong and how I'd created so much work for myself. oops. Donna, you are not alone, I still make rookie errors!

Tracy Williams

So I am brand new to Storyline also and I am trying to use the concept of the flashcard swipe as well.  Is there any way to do the swipe on a shape that has text and a picture?  I am trying to make language flash cards.  The text changes between states, but the picture remains the same.  I just can't seem to figure out how to swipe so that the picture goes with the shape. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy, 

For design or how to ideas it's always helpful if you can share what you've got going so far, so you can upload your .story file here using the "Add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window. You may also want to look at the Building Better Courses side of the forums to see what other ideas have been shared.

Tracy Williams

After re-reading my original question, I can see why it was unclear!  I've attached a very simple sample of what I was asking.  I am creating flashcards that contain a word and a corresponding picture. Each card will have a different word and picture.  I can't seem to figure out how tie the pic to the card so that when the card is swiped, the picture goes off screen with the card.  Right now, the picture is separate and remains on the screen when the card is swiped. 

Walt Hamilton


Try this.

I cut the moon, edited the states of rectangle 5, and pasted the moon onto both states.

I changed the trigger to Move Rectangle 5 when Object dropped on Hotspot 2  and ticked Hotspot 1.  (This actually means "When Hotspot 2 is dropped on Hotspot 1." Seems counter-intuitive, the way the trigger is set up, but read it carefully.)

It's just a personal thing, but I also expanded Hotpot 2 to reach all the way to the right side of the slide.


Tracy Williams

Thank you Walt for your reply, but I am still missing something.  Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but in your example, the card does not move when I attempt to swipe it away.  I am trying to do a swiping effect like Tom K.'s example of the  flashcard swipe.  In my unsophisticated example above, the card swipes, but the picture associated with the vocabulary word stays on the screen.   I'm sure I am doing something wrong.

Darin Fennell

Has anybody had success changing states based on conditions? I created a progress bar with 11 different states ranging from 0% to 100%. I then created some variables to keep track of the number of slides visited and the percentage of slides visited. After that I created a Master Slide trigger for each 10% incremental progression that says to change the state of my ProgressMeter when the timeline starts, if my percentage variable value is between X and Y (where X and Y are increasing decimal numbers, i.e., 0.01 and 0.20, etc.). When I preview the module, the first slide shows the slide number and the percentage that should cause the state to change from 0 to 10%, but it doesn't change to the 10% state until the second slide (which should be the 20% state). Any ideas?

Walt Hamilton

I suspect that the slide loads and sets the state of the ProgressMeter according to the value of the percentage value when the timeline starts. Then later the percentage value is changed, but the state has already been set.

Personally, I think it is a good idea, because they are not 10% of the way until they have finished slide 1, not when they start it.

If you don't see it that way, back up all the triggers one state, so they start the first slide at 10%.

Darin Fennell

Now the progress bar works, but it continues to progress if I go back a slide. I added a radio button and a condition to my master slide trigger that says add 1 to my counter when the timeline starts if the radio button is not equal to selected. For some reason it keeps adding one whether the radio button is selected or not. Any ideas?

Progress Bar Triggers

Walt Hamilton

Not sure about the architecture of trigger execution, but there is at least the possibility that the trigger to change the state finishes before the one to change the variable, so the variable always finds the state as selected.

You could test it by changing the state trigger to change the state when the variable changes. If nothing else changes the variable, that should work, as the variable only changes when the state is not selected.

Darin Fennell

Thanks for the input Walt. I changed the trigger from using a radio button to using a variable and possibly found the issue. If, as you mentioned, the state change finishes before changing the variable, the counter will continue indefinitely. On the other hand, if the variable is changed, all slides after the first one will be selected, preventing any further additions to the counter. Basically, it seems like an all or nothing proposition if you are using a counter in the master slide. I could try putting the counter trigger on every content slide. I was just hoping to avoid the repetition.

Darin Fennell

Doing a little more research I found the solution. The trick is to select "resume saved state" in each content slide. That will allow the counter variable to increase with each new slide, but not when going back. The only thing you will notice is that the progress bar will regress to saved states when you go back. Otherwise, it works.

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