Problem publishing with a results page

I have created two projects with quizzes in them. Initially these were not going to be graded quizzes, but it was later decided to add a Results Page to each project. After adding the Results Page, the projects will publish, but when a user attempts to the story? All they see is an endlessly spinning wheel.Spinning wheel when story is opened after inserting results page.

If I remove the results page? It publishes and views normally. I'm stumped. A little help anyone???

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ron.  Thanks for including your .story files.  I tested the first one, Punctuation_Marks.story.  Previewing the entire project was taking awhile to render, so I previewed by slide, and I was able to use the select tool to preview lots of different slides.

I published for web and uploaded the output to my testing site.  You can check it out here.  I did make a shortcut on the first slide so that I could jump down toward the end quickly if I wanted to see the results slide.  I was able to playback that content in Chrome for windows without an issue.

Here's the link to the II module.  I could also run this content without any problems.

Where are you hosting your content after publishing?  What browser are you using to view it when you get the spinning icon?