Problem rotating text in SL2

May 15, 2015

Hello everyone,

I already resinstalled SL2 but the problem remains.  Here is the problem.

The attached SL project file will show that when rotating text (slide 2) the rotated text behaves erratically.

Unlike in slide 1, the rotated text behaves as expected.

I really dont understand why this is happening.

Maybe this problem was already encountered by someone in the community.

Appreciate very much the help.

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Caesar Aycocho

Hello Ashley.

Thank you for the response.

To confirm:

-the project files are saved in drive C two subdirectories deep, eg C:/xxx/xxx/

-filename:  OPE_wip6.story

Problem description:

The attached sample project file (recreated the problem) will show what is happening.

There are 2 slides.  The difference in both slides is the presence of a page background.

Slide 1, when you rotate the text box it behaves as expected.

Slide 2, when you rotate the text, text jumps out of the text box directly under it.  As you rotate the text box, actual text rotates outside the text box. But when the text box reaches 45 degree angle positions, the text jumps back inside the text box.

I hope you can help me to understand what I am doing wrong so I can correct it.

Kind regards.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Caesar,

Thanks for sharing those detailed directions here. I see what you're referring to now, but it only occurs for me when using the slide background theme "Customer service" - changing it to any other background the rotation behaves normally. I'd say based on that there is something specific to that background/theme that is causing the issue and I'd suggest looking at recreating that background and/or importing it into a new file to resolve any odd behavior. 

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