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Apr 18, 2019

Our course, when viewed with Edge (which has just been set as the standard browser here) - the Hover states flicker, so it's impossible to read the mouse over state.

This happens on textboxes with a transparent background - only the pixels with a colour register as mouseover. Set a white background and turn the transparency up to 100% and the hover works again

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing a sample file, Adam. Your examples are always super helpful!

I see the same problem when testing your published output in Edge. When I hover over 'Alveolus,' 'Lungenbläschen' quickly appears.

I'd like to get a second opinion from our Support Engineers to see if I can gain further insight into why this happens in Edge only. Look out for a follow-up email shortly, and I'll follow along so I can share updates here. Appreciate you letting us know about this, and I'm sorry for the trouble!

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Mariette. Sorry to hear you're seeing some flickering in Edge!

I had a peek at Adam's support case, and see our team shared:

Textboxes without a background that yet have additional states with varying texts may result in an inconsistent hover area. 

In this scenario, it might be helpful to set a background or associate a hotspot [as Adam recommends]. Both approaches give you a particular hover area for the text. You may use the eyedropper tool to match the color of the background if you need to. 

Let me know if that helps with your setup, I'll be here!

Felix Franke

Hi, sounds like a similar problem to what I have here at the moment.

Only my text boxes are rectangular shapes and not transparent and i am using Chrome...

The non-transparent filling did not help as I had that already (i. e. colour and set to 99% transparency). Even a filled shape did not work.

What worked was taking the animations of the hover-state out (yes, every hover state had an entry animation.) This worked when I had only one of the 5 panels animated but not with all of them.

Trying to get a bit too fancy there ;-)

Anyway, the thread here tipped me off to look in the right place. Love this forum! Thanks to all participating!

Felix Franke

Hehe, thanks.
A few hours of tinkering later happens it was not the animations but the transparency. I had deleted the original shape in the hover state and replaced it with another, smaller one. When the mouse pointer was over the actual smaller shape (half-transparent), no problem, but when it was over the now empty area (where the shape of the normal state had been) it did the flickering. Hours of fun in problem solving, but I think I have it now... That's what happens if you mess with other people's templates and try to make them even fancier ;-)

Might help the developers find the bug

Adam Bayliss

Glad this was helpful - the issue was so long ago; I'd almost forgotten about it!


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Walt Hamilton

Not sure I understand how that is a bug. The Hover is supposed to revert when the mouse is no longer over the object. If you make the hover smaller than the original, when it goes to hover, it is possible for the mouse to no longer be over the object, which should then return to Normal. Of course, once the object reverts to normal, the mouse is now over it, and it will go (again) to Hover.  Unless the Hover state should revert Normal when the mouse is no longer where it used to be. That raises the question of "Where it used to be how long ago?"

The flicker might be annoying, but isn't a bug, it is the system working as designed.

Felix Franke

Ah, now I understand why it flickers: if my "hover" state is smaller than the "normal" state, the system flickers between normal and hover if the mouse cursor is on the normal but outside the (smaller) hover. That actually makes sense. OK, I have solved the whole thing now with a colourful but transparent rectangle over the entire hover-state (as part of it), which has the same size as the normal state. Behaviour as required.

Thanks Walt for the explanation, will be useful for future designs!

No bug then, sorry. Just a designer with lack of understanding (that's me)

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