Problem using triggers to change between 3 states

Jun 03, 2014


I'm trying to set up an image with 3 states and am having trouble.

I'm using this for a table of contents. I'd like to have an image representing each chapter, then if the user hovers their mouse over the image it'll change to one of two other images (depending on whether the chapter was already completed).

This seemed like it should work:

  • Create the base image
  • Add two states, "Complete" and "Incomplete"
  • Add a boolean variable, "Check" which defaults to False
  • Add a trigger to the chapter to set "Check" to True at the end.
  • Create 2 other triggers to control the states of the image
  1. Change state of image to "Complete" on mouse hover if Check is True, restore on mouse leave
  2. Change state of image to "Incomplete" on mouse hover if Check is not True, restore on mouse leave

It works as expected with either trigger 1 or trigger 2.

When I put both triggers in, though, only the second one will work. The first one* will display the proper alternate state on mouse hover, but then the image disappears when the mouse leaves.

*The first one in the trigger list. If I reorder the triggers, it changes which one doesn't work, but it still misbehaves in the same way.

Just in case it was an issue with my file, I started a new one (attached). It had the same issue.

This smells like a bug to me, but I'm hoping someone has a fix or a workaround.



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Simon Blair

I found a workaround, but it's a bit of a kludge.

Instead of one image with 3 states, I created two images with 2 states each (the base state and one version of the hover state).

  • First image: normal state and "incomplete" state, defaults to normal
  • Second image: normal state and "complete" state, defaults to hidden
  • Slide triggers to hide first image and show second when "Check" variable is true
  • In the attached file, the image on the right uses the new method.

    If anybody has a more elegant solution, I'd love to hear it.

    PS: I think the issue may have something to do with putting conditions on the state change triggers. I had another object that used triggers and hotspots to display 6 alternate states on mouse hover and it returned to the normal state properly on mouse leave.

    Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

    Hi Simon,

    I actually reported this to our QA team recently, and it seems connected to the conditions that you place on the hover state of the object. I don't have a workaround to share at this time, but I'll add this thread to the existing QA report so that when I have additional information from our QA team I'll be able to share it here. 

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