Problem with countdown hotspot interaction

Feb 21, 2013

Hi everyone.

I have an interaction where the learner is to find the 4 right answers by clicking on each one (I've used hotspots). A text box with a countdown shows them how many are left to find. All of this is working beautifully. I even made sure that they can't get a count higher than 4 and that if they return to the page later, the variable resets to zero.

My problem is this. I can't figure out a way to stop them from clicking on the same answer 4 times to reach the correct total of 4. It isn't something most people would do, but it could happen by accident. Also, this interaction isn't part of a quiz. So no need to worry about points and scoring.

I've attached my .story file here. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Noelle T

I knew it was going to be something simple! Thanks so much, Phil.

After I posted this I figured out another, much more complicated, way to do it (with a number variable for each choice that adds 1 each time there's a click. Then the main trigger would check how many clicks have been made before executing). Anyway, your idea is WAY easier and less time consuming!

Occam's razor in action!

Edit: I had one little stumble and that was in removing the fill of the shape entirely. Instead you have to have a solid fill at 100% transparency. Otherwise the mouse won't recognize it as an object. Just an FYI for anyone who might use this.

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