Problem with Menu and Slide Viewed

Jan 17, 2022


I'm having some problem with the built-in Storyline Menu.

For example, I have this Menu structure

Chapter 1 (which is a Title, but also a slide on its own, let's say Slide 0)

  - Slide 1

  - Slide 2

If I did not click on Chapter 1, but on the Arrow next to Chapter 1 instead, I can expand it and directly view Slide 1 and 2. Then, the whole chapter 1 is marked as Completed, even if I did not see Slide 0.

The problem is, my course is tracked by Slide viewed. If the learner miss the Chapter Title, they could very well end up with every chapter marked Completed in the Menu, but is not able to complete the course.

What can I do to avoid this problem ? Is there a way to mark those chapter title as Optional ? 

I also can't reduce the number of total slide views for completion, because if a learner decides to view every chapter title, they could have course completion before reaching the end.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello Leslie.

Thank you for the video explanation. 

Yes, the first Menu setup is exactly as I describe. However, I cannot reset the Menu to correct the problem, because Slide 0 content is just the title name animated. Therefore it doesn't make sense to make it a standalone item in the Menu :(