Problem with Motion Paths in Storyline 2


I am building a short course using Motion Paths. The idea is that the user sees a sequence of questions (spread over layers) and presses one of three buttons for each answer (for simplification, "++", "+" and "Neutral"). At the bottom is a row of illustrated characters which will move as the user makes his/her choice; the user is represented by the head at the bottom right.

I have used Motion Paths to create this and it works - sort of. For the one reference character I work on, I simulate the answers by giving a "+" for questions 1-6 (which works fine) and "++" for questions 10-20. However, although I have used "unlocked" and "relative starting point", the character always jumps a bit from the current position before moving - ruining the total effect and changing the end position of the character.

If anybody has an idea what I am doing wrong, or how I can do it better, I would really appreciate it. (The lines are only used as helpers to follow up on the progress, and most other characters do not move at all so far).

Note: I have shrunk the "course" to a single slide with multiple layers, so please do not be surprised by seemingly unused variables etc.


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Luke Benfield

You could potentially try using sliders instead of motion paths. You can make the slider bar and other details white or transparent and use the character heads as the slider button for each. I would also recommend adding a transparent shape over all the sliders so the user cannot click on them. This way, you can control the motion with numbers instead of motion paths. Might be an easier solution.

It looks likes your start point for some of your motion paths are below where the head is actually placed, which is why they go down, then up. I think if you use the relative start point, it will repeat that for subsequent motions. 

Hope that helps.