Problem with State Change when Resuming Course

Jun 20, 2016

Hopefully this makes sense to someone. I have a 2 page course. The first page is the title page, then we proceed to a page with a video on it that plays right away. There is a "hide box" over the top of the video controls so that the learner can't skip around in the video the first time through. I have the hide box set to hidden when the media completes (the video) and I set a trigger to true when the media completes. After the video plays, a pop up on a new layer appears asking if they would like to replay the video. When Replaying, the video controls have no hidebox, so the user is able to scroll through at their own pace to wherever they want.  This all works

We ALSO want the hidebox to remain hidden when the learner exits the course and hits resume. That is what's not working. I have a trigger of "Change State of Hide Box to Hidden when the timeline start is 'variable' is equal to true." But when I resume the course, the hide box is always back.

Is the state somehow not saving? I also have the slide set to 'Resume Saved State"

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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