Problem with state changes (video demo included)

Jun 26, 2012

I am having a problem with state changes. This problem has happened several times before and I fixed it with a hack but I am hoping there is an easy solution out there.

Here is a video of the problem:

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I am just not understanding what states can do. If I am, let me know.


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Magda Diaz

So are you saying that I can't change a graphic in a different state?

I guess I will figure out a hack for this. Too bad. I thought you could switch out graphics on states. I guess I need to use 2 different graphics with hidden states :(

(The story file is large since it's for a real project. I don't want to post client source files since I've been  burned before.)

Steve Flowers

Hi, Magda -

Here's a way to do this. I'd report as a bug, though I'm afraid the stacking nature of these things may be a mechanic of "working as intended".

See the attached file. The two copters on the right don't behave as intended. But duplicating the normal state to a state called "start" and making that the default state works to shift the graphic as long as I don't try to stack in other elements. Seems to work as a swap when a single image is used.

Annie Jean

Annie Jean said:

Hi Magda,

I have looked at the video and this is exactly how states should be used.

Can you post your story file so I and others can take a look?

Hi all,

What I meant is "that is how it should be used"... not "how it should behave".

So, to answer Madga question : Yes, you understand what states can do!

But this is not the expected behavior. I use them a lot in drag and drop and never had an issue like that.

Have a nice day everyone!

Magda Diaz

OK, I am adding some new info to my problem. I think one of my mistakes was adding a trigger to the activity. It seems that Storyline already knows you have a State Change if you select the built-in states. I deleted all my triggers and the Drag and Drop still works...

As I said before... live and learn.

(I am still wondering why there are 2 Drop Correct states in the menu though. And if the drag and drop works without the trigger, why is it in the menu at all?)

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