Using States to add details on slide

Nov 15, 2019


I am using the states of some objects on my slide to display some additional information.


I would like it to work so that when the user clicks on the shape, the state will change and provide a larger version of that same shape with some additional information. The problem that I am having is that when the state changes the objects in the background are still visible. Is there a way to make it so the objects that remain on the slide are not visible when the state of the clicked object changes?

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Marisa Hubin

Hi Wendy,
Sorry for the delayed response. I was trying to limit the number of layers since I already had several generated and wanted to use states to avoid creating another layer. Maybe layers is the only way it will work?

I did something similar with another course I was designing but there wasn't background information so I didn't run into any issues when the button changed states. However, in this scenario since the slide has other information on it, when I change the state of the button it doesn't cover up the background info. I have attached three images. The first is what the slide looks like to start in the "normal" state for my button. The second is what the button should be doing when it is clicked, changing to the "visited" state. The third image shows how it actually apepars when I preview the slide--the background objects are still visible even though the state has changed.

Marisa Hubin

Hi Wendy, I am trying to get the slide published so you can see it. Unfortunatley something keeps happening when I attempt to publish to Articulate online where it won't work. I know I have an account and have the correct username and password.


As soon as I figure out what's going on with the publishing issue I'll share the slide.

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