problem with states


After update 3.12.14612.0 have many problems.

1) "Drag and drop" issue start again. You removed this problem some month ago but this problem happens today. I drag object and object don't want to drop down in target. Object fly wih mouse. Sorry for my bad English...

You can see same problem on this peek:



object states works not correct. I have trigger to make object disabled. But trigger don't work. Yesterday all works good.




sometimes in some slides I see white screen preview. Preview load but don't work. Sometimes preview crashes when slide include animation.


When will you release new build?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniil,

I'm so sorry you ran into these issue - but I see you're already working with our Support team!

You're in great hands, and they'll confirm the issues you're running into. We did release a hotfix earlier today that resolved a couple of the issues that appeared in the latest Storyline 360 update with states that could cause some features to fail in HTML5 output. For example, slides might not load, hover states might not work, or drag-and-drop submit buttons might be unresponsive.

To take advantage of this fix, launch your desktop app and follow these steps to install the latest release of Storyline 360.

If you've run into something else, don't hesitate to continue working with us in your Support case!