Problem with Storyline Player Notes tab after publishing to HTML5

Jun 17, 2013


I am wondering if someone can help me to find a solution to a problem that is happening with a published Storyline presentation?

I recently updated Storyline to the latest version (Update 3 13 05 2012). I published my presentation (about 33 slides) to LMS with the three settings checked for include HTML5 output, use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad and allow downloading for offline viewing.

I then uploaded the scorm 1.2 into our Moodle LMS.

Previously, when published and uploaded, the content worked on PC (Flash) and on iPad (HTML5) - however, with the update to Storyline, it seems there is a problem with the iPad version (I am using mobile safari on iPad).

What happens is that on PC the content starts up OK, and I can see my outline expanding properly as I go. If I click the Notes tab, I can see the Notes no problems.

However on the iPad version, the content starts up OK, and I can see my outline expanding properly as I go. If I click the Notes tab, I can see the Notes no problems, on the first slide. However, when I move to the next slide, the Notes tab for that slide and any further slides shows the Outline at the top of the Notes, and then the actual Notes beneath the outline....

Has anyone else experienced this strange behaviour - can anyone help me fix this so I can publish my content to both PC and HTML5, and this strange behaviour of the Outline appearing above the Notes for every slide past the first slide behaves properly?

Thanks in advance - Keith

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Keith Williams

Thanks for you reply, Leslie,

The link to the blog post is very useful, however, I am not getting any problems on the PC version (Flash). It is the ipad version that is causing the issue (HTML5). I am publishing the course as per the blog post for HTML5 (we dont use Tin Can API), I zip the scorm 1.2 and upload it to our LMS which is Moodle based.

I was able to publish to both Flash and iPad previously (before the latest Storyline update), and I did not encounter the problem with the Notes tab having the outline at the top of each notes page on iPad.

(perhaps to clarify I am talking about Notes here as a tab next to the outline tab at the left of the presentation on iPad). I have Outline then Notes, then Glossary tabs

.... like this...

Outline Notes Glossary

Would you recommend uninstalling Articulate Storyline, and reinstalling it again?

I have also contacted my LMS provider... to further investigate.... will let you know if they encounter the same issue on iPad, OK?

Kind regards,


Keith Williams

Hi Leslie,

I am not sure if I can actually use SCORM Cloud as the content I am publishing is confidential and specific to our internal organisation. So I am trying a couple of other ideas first.

My first idea is to get one of our team members to test the iPad version (HTML5) from the LMS on his third generation iPad (to see if it may be an iPad memory issue).

I have been testing it on a first and second generation iPad, and so far, the problem appears intermittent... sometimes the outline and the notes appear together in the notes tab - other times, the notes appear correctly.

However, it is not just this one content module, it is any content module that i republish using the latest version of Articulate Storyline... with the latest update - they all seem to be doing the same thing ie outline and notes appearing in the notes tab intermittently...

The other idea is that I am also getting my technical LMS guru onto the case as well.... to see if he has changed/updated anything recently with our LMS.

Will get back to you once I know the results of these tests, OK?



Keith Williams

Hi Leslie,

After testing the course again on iPad (using an iPad 3), it appears the problem is still there. The content starts playing OK, however, after a while the Notes tab once again displays the content outline at the top and the notes at the bottom.

My technical guy says he has not changed any settings in the Moodle LMS.

I have even tried to move remove the tabs and the logo and then rechecked these tabs and logo again, and saved the Storyline Player under a new name.... all to no avail... it still does not perform as it should do.

Should I uninstall Articulate Storyline Update 3 and try reinstalling it?

We are both stumped at the moment.....

Any further suggestions?

Kind regards,


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update, yeah I agree with the stumped statement.  Since your Storyline just seems to be erratic, there are a couple of things you can try (and yes, your suggestion is one of them: You could import into a new project and start fresh, but you mentioned in a previous post that it was more than one file, so this post may actually benefit you more on deeper troubleshooting.  You could always submit a case as well if you want our support team to work more closely with you on your issue.  Sorry your having such a hard time!

Keith Williams

Hi Leslie,

Well I have some good news!! My LMS technical guru asked me to publish a 2 slide Storyline course.

I sent him the .zip scorm 1.2 file. He then did some further testing, and seems to have SOLVED the problem.

He looked at a file called player.css.... which gets included as part of the published Storyline content.

He  changed the following in the player.css  file between lines 2068-2075:

#menu_container>ul, #menu_container>div
    display:none !Important;
#menu_container>, #menu_container>
    display:block !Important;

When he then looked at the content running in our Moodle LMS from his iPad 3, it looks like the notes in the course works again and the outline remains hidden. I then tried it on an iPad 1, and it worked for me too. I don't have my iPad2 at work today, but will try it on that from home tonight. I suspect it will work OK on that too.
As I said in my original request for help, here.... the problem with the output displaying such odd behaviour on iPad (not PC) only occured AFTER I updated Articulate Storyline to the latest version.
Could you perhaps ask your technical people at Articulate if the above changes to the player.css file should be included as part of a future update to Articulate Storyline?
I notice that the player.css file gets installed in the following folder on my PC...
C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Storyline\Content\mobile
Unfortunately because I updated the Articulate software to release 3, I don't have a previous version of player.css to compare lines 2068-2075 with.
Can you advise me what you/your technical people think, please?
Kind regards,
Keith Williams

Hi Leslie,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was waiting for my lms guru to send me his updated player.css file, so I could test it out myself with another course I have.

i simply renamed the player.css file located in

C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Storyline\Content\mobile
and copied in the updated player.css file he sent me.
I then republished another course, uploaded it to our Moodle LMS and tested it on both PC and on iPad.
The course worked on both PC and iPad - the notes tab works properly again, and doesn't display the outline at the top of the notes any more.
The problem I have is I cannot upload the original problem file to SCORM Cloud, as the content is confidential, and I am not allowed to do that.
The original .story file is rather huge to send to you... so I would need to make a much smaller version (and republish it using the older version of the player.css file), upload that to our Moodle LMS, try it on iPad and see if the problem still occurs.
I am a bit 'pressed for time' at the moment.... so will need to find some time to do all that to be able to send you a sample, but will try my best. May be a little while in doing that..... hope you understand?
Kind regards,
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

Storyline update 5 was released today, and I wanted to bring your attention to this specific fix associated with one of the issues you mentioned in this thread:

  • Fixed issue where menu and notes would show at the same time in the same player tab in HTML5

You can review all the fixes and download the update here. 

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