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Shane Traynor

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your kind welcome,

I am following your advice and going to try reverting to Storyline 2 to for the publish. I had tried repairing Office/ Word and Storyline but to no avail.  I have sent a request to support asking how to revert to Storyline 2 with an outline of my problem plus a copy of a troublesome .story and screencast of the (lack of) action!

Could it be that the .story struggles to publish to Word if the .story contains too many different word formats? I have used sources that are .doc, others are .docx and also a variety of versions from 2000-2013. Plus recently I used Word 2013 SmartArt to create some graphics and tabs, I noticed they don't render 100% if saved on old word versions for example.  Maybe the problem is when the .story is being compiled into one Word version?

So confused!  



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the update. I see that Cleo was assigned to your case and sent you the information on how to revert to Storyline 2 and that he was also able to successfully publish your file to Word. I also tested it and published fine to Word (my set up is the same as you, Office 2013, Windows 8, Storyline 3) so I'm thinking that reverting to Storyline 2 for a period of time will help - but keep us posted if there is anything else we can do!