Problems with courses running on web server

Beginning about 2 weeks ago, my courses published in Storyline 2 will not run from my web server. I use the server during the review cycle with clients, but none of the courses I have published in the past 2 weeks will run. They run locally and are fine if uploaded to the client's LMS, but my method of allowing customers to preview courses isn't working. I've contacted my web server company and they say they haven't changed anything and that it's a scripting issue on my end. Is anyone aware of something different with Storyline 2 in the last couple of weeks or have ideas of what would suddenly cause this issue? Thanks.

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Phil Mayor

Are these courses you have just uploaded or are the courses that have stopped working after being uploaded but worked at some point.  If it is the latter it is your Server settings any chance you changed your domain settings?

If the are new courses that will not run, how do you upload?  If it is FTP are you set to binary?