Problems with HTML5 Content on Android Device

Mar 28, 2016


I am working on a project which will be available to the public from a website. There will be no LMS involved and no way to know what type of device will be used to view the eLearning content.

I have tested on an iPad using Safari, Chrome and Firefox and it looks good in all of these browsers.

I have also tested on a Samsung Galaxy S and have encountered some issues which I am hoping someone can shed some light on.

On the Samsung:

1. The training worked well in Chrome.

2. In the native Samsung browser, the training operates OK, but the text is fuzzy.

3. In Firefox the training goes to full screen then opens a relatively small version. It looks OK, but the hotspots behave as if there is a larger version on the screen. You'll see in my example if you click at bottom right (right out of the storyline area) it will operate the trigger on the rectangle.

I have created a simple example which is located at

I have used the suggested ratio of 16:10 for the Galaxy Tab, although it doesn't make any difference what ratio I use. I have also played around with the player settings re optimal browser size etc and these also make no difference.

If I download the Articulate Mobile Player it works OK, but this is not something I would expect people to do when they are doing the training from a public website so I need it to work without the AMP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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