Problems with Quiz Retries

May 23, 2014

I am having problems getting fill-in-the-blank fields to reset when trainees attempt to retry a quiz. I have tinkered with the “When revisiting” field in the slide properties, setting it to both “Automatically decide” and “Reset to initial state.” When retrying the quiz, the previous answers show up in the fill-in-the-blank field under both scenarios.

I’ve also tried to get rid of the randomization of my quiz banks and have unlocked questions that were locked, thinking this might be disrupting the retry. But I got the same result.

Finally, I replaced the trigger for the Retry Quiz button on the results slide that sends the user to the first quiz slide. Instead of sending the user to the first slide of the quiz, I used the trigger to “Restart course” when the user clicks the Retry Quiz button. This action got the fill-in-the-blank fields to reset. However, it sends you to the start of the course, rather than the first quiz slide, the latter of which is what I really want.

Any ideas on how to get the fill-in-the-blank fields to reset for a user retrying a quiz?

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Brett Rockwood

Thanks all for your replies! I was able to reset the fill in the blank field by adjusting the variable of text entry to a value of blank when the timeline starts. When I tried to adjust the text entry variables on the retry quiz button in the the results slide, the fill in the blank fields, for some reason, still failed to reset. 

Antony Snow

Glad to hear that you have resolved your issue 

Out of curiosity, was the trigger to reset %TextEntry% you added to the retry button below the trigger that jumped back to the start of the quiz? This would result in the text entry field retaining the previous entry as SL would have executed the jump to trigger first, so %TextEntry% wouldn't get reset.

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