Reviewing and Retrying a quiz

Oct 31, 2013

Hi all,

I have a quiz made up of two question banks. On the results slide I want a button to Review the quiz and a button to Retry the quiz.

The problem I have is that I can't seem to get the questions to show the correct answers while reviewing the quiz and to reset the answers when retrying it. I've tried all 3 slide options regarding When Revisiting:

  1. Resume saved state shows the correct answers while reviewing the quiz but doesn't clear them when retrying.
  2. Reset to initial state clears the answers when retrying the quiz but also clears them when reviewing!!
  3. The Automatically Decide option appears to be equally unhelpful in this particular situation.

It feels like I'm missing something fundamental as this is basic functionality required by most e-learning courses. So what is the correct process for getting both, reviewing and retrying quiz, to work within the same results slide?

Thank you.

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