Problems with slide-progression in multiple-choice quiz

Aug 24, 2022

Hey everybody, I'm working with Storyline 3 and was creating a multiple-choice quiz recently, which works like a flowchart. Meaning, that every "right" or "wrong"-answer leads to another result, which leads to another story.

So I have one basic story from which all the other stories sping off - corresponding to the given answer.

In the story layout all connections seem correct, and also when I go into the multiple-choice-slides then I can see that the options I chose to progress from "right" and "wrong" are inserted correctly. Nonetheless, when I go into preview-mode, this doesn't work and the slides move just from one to the next no matter what answer is clicked on. 

I'm sorry this sounds so complicated. It actually shouldn't be... Any ideas anyone? I would be grateful!


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Ron Price

I have taken a brief look, and I am not quite sure what the issue is.  I see where you are repurposing the Next button to launch the submit trigger, but agree with your assessment that something is not working right.  I will try and find some time to take a closer look.

You may want to consider submitting a case -

Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Thanks for looking into this, Ron! I have tried several things now and am about to give up. But hopefully I will have an articulate 360-licence soon, and then I will just try with another quiz.  But of course I am curious what the problem was/is. So I guess I'll really submit a case! Thanks for your help!