Progress always saved even with resume prompt and never resume option

Hello everyone,

I use AS2, publish the course for scorm 1.2, it is used in Success Factors lms.

SME needs to get an opportunity to reset the course for users. That means that he needs to record all the attempts used had and each new attempt should start from the beginning.

But right not it always starts from the last visited slide, even if records are deleted from the lms. The "Never resume" setting is selected.

Do anybody know what else I can do to make the course restart from the beginning?

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear any piece of advice.

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for reaching out, Tania. I'd love to help you solve this mystery!

To start, have you tried testing the course in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud (a handy tool for testing SCORM output) to see if you experience the same behavior there? This will tell us if the problem is related to Storyline or SuccessFactors' output. 

If you need a hand with testing, share your .story file with me here. I'll dig in and let you know what I find! 😊

Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi Katie,

Thank you for the response. I believed that I left an answer the same day. But I don't see it now. 

Just for info I checked everything in ScormCLOUD it worked correctly. But client didn't saw it.

I have a quick update now. There was no problem. I joined to client's testing process and it worked. So no issue at all.