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Hello, I'm new to this, so I apologize if this is a basic question. I've developed my content in Storyline360 and want to publish it so I can share it with a learning partner (for school) via the web. I can't figure out what I need to send to her so she can view the module. Do I send her a zip file with all the files that are now saved on my local hard drive? Does she then download those and open to play the module? We're both students and new to Storyline! Thanks!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hey Danielle

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With 360 you have the option to Publish to Articulate Review and send the link to your colleague. That way they can view online and make comments.

Alternatively, you could use the publish to web setting you can then upload the publish folder to a webserver and you could send her the link

or see this article for more ways of sharing Storyline files

Danielle Goldsmith

HI, Wendy,

Thanks for your reply.

I should have mentioned that my learning partner doesn't actually have Storyline. I've tried sending the .zip file, but can't figure out how she would open it from there? Does she just download all of the files from the .zip? She doesn't need Storyline, does she? I'm sorry, I am sure this is a fairly simple thing to do, but I just can't figure out how to get it to work. 



Danielle Goldsmith

Another question - I read this from the article you sent, "Now that you've published your course, it's time to upload it to a server and give it a test run. Then send learners a link to the story.html file."

Maybe this is what I'm missing? How do I get the link for the story.html file? 

Thanks again!