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Most of our courses have been built using Storyline 2.  We just started using Storyline 360, and we are running into a number of problems.  Courses are getting hung up, and not displaying correctly.  This isn't happening to everyone.  Mostly those working remotely.  Our LMS Administrator suspects that it has something to do with HTML5.  With Storyline 2, we never had issues with course playback on our LMS.  What publishing options can I select so that it mirrors the options selected when using Storyline 2 (simply selected Include HTML5 output, no mobile player options)?  Flash/HTML5? 

Any troubleshooting recommendations are welcome!

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Matthew Bibby

Try Flash/HTML5.

Also, check what browsers are being used. Make sure that are supported.

Note that Internet Explorer is evil. You may think someone is using IE11, but if they are running it in compatibility mode, it may behave more like IE9.

Test your course in all browsers that you want to support, both the Flash and especially the HTML5 output - then you'll know what will work and what won't.

Matthew Bibby

Also, you can use the below to help figure out why only some people are having issues. 

The way it works is you put an Execute JavaScript trigger on the Slide Master and set it to execute when the user presses a special keyboard shortcut. You want this to be a key combo they usually wouldn't press, e.g. Ctrl + Shift + \:

Then, add this code into the Script section (please change the email address to one that you control):

​var player = GetPlayer();
var email = '';
var browser = navigator.appVersion;
var path = window.location.pathname;
var subject = 'Browser Information';
var emailBody = 'You can enter additional information here' + '\n\n' + '--------------------Please do not change anything beneath this line.--------------------' + '\n\n' + 'Browser information: ' + browser + '\n\n' + 'Pathname: ' + path;
var mailto_link = 'mailto:' + email + '?subject=' + subject + '&body=' + encodeURIComponent(emailBody); win =, 'emailWin');

The idea is that when someone contacts you LMS team to say there is an issue, you can ask them to go to the course and press Ctrl + Shift + \ and then send you the email that is generated. An email like this will be generated:

This tells us that the learner is using Chrome and that they are viewing the HTML5 output.

You can paste the agent string (the information following Browser information:) into this website to determine what browser they are using.

And you can look at the end of the pathname (either html5.html or flash.html) to tell if the Flash or HTML5 output is being viewed.

Hope that helps.