Publish to CD and macbooks

Sep 10, 2020

Hello, I've published my content from Storyline 3 using the publish to CD feature and then zipped the file for learners to then unzip and play on their computer using the Launch_Story file.

All works fine on a Windows computer but I've had someone who is using a Macbook let me know that they can't get the Launch_Story file to open the content. 

Does it not work with a Macbook? I've suggested they try opening the html file instead - will that work?

Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

Storyline 360 is a Windows program, so it won't open when using a Mac. The HTML link might work! I'd suggest uploading the course to a web server and then sharing the link. 

You can also use Tempshare, which allows you to access a web link for up to 10 days. Just publish the course for Web, zip the folder, and drag it to Tempshare.

Susan L

Hello Lauren, thanks for replying. I'd like my learners to be able to take the Storyline 3 course on their computer which is why I'm using the publish to CD option and giving them the zip file. So playing the course via the internet isn't unfortunately an option in this case.

Will the html.story link always work when opening the course on a Macbook or are there possible times when it won't?


Susan L

Thank you that's useful to know. In that case I might instead explore the option of learners who have Macbooks downloading the course to the Articulate Storyline app. I know its available on ipad but I don't suppose you know if the app is accessible on a Macbook? I've always had a windows computer so don't know much about Macs. Thanks.

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