Publish to Video - initial frame display

Dec 11, 2022

Has something changed in updates to SL360 in recent years? I published many projects to video in 2020, all worked OK.

Now when I publish any SL project, the published MP4 content is OK when it gets started, but always has a black frame or frames at the beginning. I can edit this using a separate app but it is a pain when I have a lot of small videos to do. I'm putting them into Rise, so quick trimming within the program is not possible.

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john faulkes

Thanks for this Jurgen. I got this to work.

But whether it is a black frame at the start, or a white frame at the start, I actually want the first frame of the video, to be the opening SL360 slide. So there is something rather than nothing when I place the video in Rise, before the user clicks to play.

I'm sure SL360 used to do this?