Publish to Word - images or text don't get published

I am trying to publish my story project into word so that I can give it to th eSME to review and make comments. It publishes fine, but when I open the word document the scenes don't have any images or texts?

Can someone tell me why this is happening. How can I get the images also to shwo up in that word document.

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Dave Fulle

Hi Sid,

I'm not sure if you are making changes to the settings but on the Publish screen, you have a few options, which could affect the publish but I'm not sure this will solve your problem 100%.

The Properties section of the Publish window is where you can choose some formatting options for your Word document:

  1. Show Layers: When you publish to Word, your Word doc will include a screenshot of each slide's base layer. If you want your document to also include a screenshot of the other layers associated with each slide, mark this box. When you publish, the layer screenshots will appear right after the associated base layer.
  2. Show slide notes: If you've entered text in the slide notes pane for any slides, you can include the notes in your Word document by marking this box. When you publish, the notes text will appear right below the screenshot of each slide's base layer.

Peter Anderson

Hi Sid,

Is this the only project this is happening to? Have you tried importing the course into a new .story file, by any chance, to see if the original file may be the issue? And what about where you're working - are you on a network or USB drive?  

Beyond that, if you'd like, you can open a ticket with the support guys without sending them the actual file, and they'll do their best to help out. Thanks!

tin C

I tried another story project and I am getting this message - The folder (name of my project) is read-only, being used by another process or you do not have the proper security permission to access this resource.

The the first project I did not get this, it woudl publish to word but not output the images.

Peter Anderson

Hi Sid, 

Really sorry for the trouble you're running into. Other than trying a quick repair installation of Storyline and then another republish, I'd really encourage you to contact our support team about the message you received. They'll be able to work closely with you to determine what may be the cause behind the issue.  

Douglas Harriman

I was having the same, or a similar, problem, as seen in the attached Word file. I thought it was just a matter of Word being picky with layering or text wrap, since I frequently won't see images when I first open a document, but the slides weren't even registering as images so I couldn't fix as I normally would. Even weirder, everything looks fine when I look a the doc in my preview pane.

Ultimately, I was able to find two fixes:

1) I saved as a PDF

2) I realized the Storyline output file was in the Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 document format. After re-saving it in the newer Microsoft Word Document format, I was finally able to select all the slide images and get them to show by adjusting the Wrap Text setting.