Published HTML File Won't Launch

It appears as though there are a lot of Storyline 2 users facing issues today. I made a few changes to a file that was working yesterday and re-published it and now  the HTML on neither the new or the old file will launch. 

Is this isolated or is there an issue with Storyline 2 today?

Also, the .SWF file works fine and the .HTML5 files launches but when the .HTML5 layer is launched the other layers lock up.

I have attached the main slide. Please help!

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Emily Ruby

Hi Amma,

Are you loading the zipped package into a web server to view? I uploaded your files to Articulate Tempshare, and it played without issues. Here is the html and here is the html5 version.

If you are trying to view locally after publish,  you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.

Let us know if you need anything further.

Amma Knight

Hi Emily, Chrome updated yesterday and today when I click 'About" but the file still does not fully launch. This is obviously an isolated issue, since your file loads successfully and the files launches successfully in IE. No, I am not hosting my file in a web server. I am simply testing it locally before in an effort to finalize this project.

Emily Ruby

Hi Amma,

You would need to test the file from a web server to see how it should behave. Testing locally can cause issues. You can view the above referenced documentation regarding this.

If you do not have a web server to test with, you can use Articulate Tempshare, or any of the other options in this article.

Let me know if you need anything further.

Jeffrey Katzman

We are having a similar problem. We have an issue where after we publish it runs locally. I zip it up and this  upload this exact package it to our LMS, it loads the frame but not the content.

Any ideas? we thought it might be an IIS server MIME Type think but only guessing.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jeffrey and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I am getting an error when uploading that zip file to a testing environment as well.

Curious if you published for LMS, then zipped the contents from the publish successful dialog box or did you do it manually?

Would you be able to share the .story file for me to take a look?