Published Storyline course doesn't play videos

I have published a Storyline course with embedded video (hosted on Wistia).  I have tried with both .wmv and .mp4 formats, but in IE participants are experiencing issues with the video playback.  For example,

1. Video doesn't show up at all; or

2. A "Only secure content is displayed" message appears

Any ideas how to get the video to play consistently - and also remove the security message?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paul,

It sounds like it may be system-specific, if this is only happening for users viewing the course in Internet Explorer. Have you had similar reports for users viewing the course in Google Chrome, or Firefox?

Also, how is the course being published? Are you publishing for Web, LMS, HTML5, etc.?

Are you able to share a link for the course, so I can check it out? 



Paul Reid

Hi Christine - thanks for your reply.

Yes - this only happens in IE.  The problem does not occur in Firefox or Chrome. 

The course is being published for LMS.  However, when I published for web and tested it - I didn't get the "secure content" message, so I'm now inclined to think it's an LMS issue.



Steve Flowers

Hi Paul,

What version of IE is this happening in? I've noticed IE9 is "resistant" to displaying some iFrames content as well as parsing XML, more so if there is a cross domain issue. You might see different results if you add this to the html launch file (the one suffixed lms):

meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />