Published version shows tabs where none are checked

Jan 30, 2015

I have disabled the previous/next tabs, but they are still showing on some slides in the published version. They do not show up in Preview mode. They do not show on slides with videos and a seekbar, but they do show on other slides with no seekbar. It is only within one scene this has happened. Also the published behaviour is inconsistent and suddenly added seekbars when none were ticked. The published version is html5 viewing on Internet Explorer. I've not viewed from a webserver as the project is so gigantic it takes over an hour to upload.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lynn,

You will need to make sure you are testing the file in its intended environment as testing local may have security issues. 

Also, Internet Explorer is not supported when viewing the HTML5 content. You can run a compatibility test for HTML5 here. You could also share the file here if you would like us to take a look.

Lynn Mathew


I think over-engineering might be causing my problems. The quiz slides contain both a video and a 1-5 score on the same page, which is set to 'saved state'. The client wants users to be able to revisit slides to either change or complete missing scores, or to re-view a video. So I was testing by flitting back and forth between the same slides several times. I wonder if that is being treated as a 'retry quiz' which I discovered inserts prev/next tabs which you can't do anything about. And also whether the 'saved state' is causing problems with a conflict between re-scoring from a saved state, with replaying a video from its start, especially if you return several times (scoring is prevented and a previous hover-state remains on the radio buttons). Having removed some of the retry complexity and using it in a logical order, it seems to be behaving. I'm still investigating further.

(The project is for product development where videos are viewed and products scored, so no right/wrong answers. The client wanted users to be able to flit back and forth. Sadly the client will be viewing on both IE and Safari, and I have no influence on their choice of browser!)

Many thanks.

Emily Ruby

Hello Lynn,

It is correct if you use the Review Quiz feature, the Prev/Next buttons will appear within the review. Also, if you get through the quiz questions, then use a previous button to return to them, the buttons will also appear, as this would be the default way for them to navigate after previously hitting the submit button. If you wanted them to be able to re submit the answers, you would need to use the Resume to initial state for the slide properties.

You could always look into this option here.


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