Published video not matching preview mode

Hello All,

I am attempting to create tutorials. For the first part of the slide, I have a text box and narration that says what the video is. Then, a video tutorial begins. When I view this in preview mode it flows perfectly with the text box and narration beginning the slide followed by the video. However, when I publish it and view the video all that shows is the video WITHOUT the text box and recorded narration. Those are available in separate folders on my computer. Any ideas? I have attached the video, but I also want to have narration and a text box in the beginning.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Ariana!


We recommend to test your published content in its intended environment. If you view published content on your local computer, you'll encounter security restrictions related to your web browser and Adobe Flash Player that may cause various features to fail. To avoid these local security restrictions, view your content in the environment for which it was published:

Web: Upload your presentation to a web server and view the content with a valid http address.
LMS: Upload your presentation to your LMS, then login as an end-user and view the course.
Articulate Online: Upload your presentation to your Articulate Online account.
Offline: If you'll be distributing your content offline, publish for CD.

You could also share the .story file here for us to take a look.