Publishing as a Video in Storyline 360 Not Working - Starts, but Will Not Complete

I am trying to publish a SL 360 course as a video (mp4) and it will not complete. I have 6 slides, and on one slide is a 90-second video. The total time for all six slides is about 2 min, 16 seconds. It has been publishing now for almost an hour. The message reads "Encoding Video - 1.6 Untitled Slide - 2:16." So it appears to have gone all the way through based on the time, but it will not finish. I have tried this three times and it gets stuck right here. I even tried removing the video from my project and it is doing the same thing - any ideas? Thank you.

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Kristin Koeleman

Thank you - works like a charm now!
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Dawn DeVillers

I am having issues trying to publish all slides to mp4. I have removed all triggers except for the next button. I tried going thru and video publishing individual slides, but it freezes up on some slides. I have a total of 12 slides with mp4 videos in the slides. 

Need help ASAP please. Sad I am paying this much money for software that is not working.


Heather Lalla

I am having the same issue with publishing my video and it won't complete.  I took out the "exit course" trigger and made sure each slide advances automatically.  I've tried for 5 hours and about 10 different times I published with making different adjustments.  It finally would let me get through the slides upload and it got "stuck" by uploading audio for over an hour and it just kept uploading each slide over and over.  It is a really big course, but I've done this before and never had this issue.  Can someone take a look at my source file and tell me what is wrong?  I'm on a deadline to get this done ASAP.  Thanks!


Katie Riggio

Hi there, Gia!

So sorry you hit this snag, and great move to also reach out to our Engineers. I'm sharing what our team found publicly to help others who spot this conversation!

We have an open issue in Update 36 for Storyline 360, where publishing to video gets stuck under certain circumstances. We'll share an update in this discussion, too, as soon as we know more!

In the meantime, this problem isn't present in Storyline 360, Update 35. To publish the course, you can temporarily install this previous version. Here's how!

Katie Riggio

Hi everybody!

I'm happy to share that a hotfix for Storyline 360 is ready! This build fixes the problem where a project could freeze or hang while publishing to a video file.

You can explore the release notes here, and download the latest update with these steps. Thanks for helping us make this improvement!

Zuzana Urbanek

I have SL Update 37, so I thought this had been fixed. I have had no issues publishing videos of SL projects, until suddenly one is hanging at "Preparing to encode." I have tried several times and removed all triggers except "Jump to next slide when user clicks or swipes next" and "Jump to previous when user clicks or swipes previous." Do I need to remove those as well? Or how else might I find out what the problem might be?

Katie Riggio

Hi Laura! Hi Zuzana!

Sorry for the trouble! The hotfix from Tuesday (build 3.37.21614.0) addresses the issue where a project could freeze or hang while publishing to a video file.

If you prepared your course for video publishing and still see this publish hiccup on the latest update, I'm happy to troubleshoot each file to see what's causing it!

You can share the .story file by using the Add Attachment button in your reply. Or, upload it privately by using this link