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Mar 07, 2017

Hi, I am publishing a course that we want to be used on a mobile device. I have a few questions on this if anyone can help....

1. Does the learner have to have 'Articulate Mobile Player' on their devise, or can it work without it - ie just choosing 'HTML5 output' when publishing?

2. Will the course be tracked when using a mobile device? Currently our courses will mark complete in our LMS system if the user have viewed a certain number of slides in the course.

3. When publishing a course in Articulate 360, I don't appear to have the same options as when I review instructions on the community page. (note that I am on the trial version on A360). See attached. Is this correct?

Thanks, Louise

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Louise and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Those are great questions, so let's get right to your answers.

1. You can certainly publish to HTML5 and not utilize the Articulate Mobile Player if you wish.This comparison chart will help you to understand the supported features across HTML5, Flash, and AMP (Articulate Mobile Player).

2. Yes. Sounds like you're publishing to an LMS and viewing/tracking is supported.

3. Looks like you are sharing a Storyline 2 publish document and yes, there are more options in Storyline 360 due to the addition of publishing to Articulate 360. Here is our documentation on publishing with Storyline 360.

You being on a trial should not affect your performance of the software as it is the full version minus a license. 

Please let me know if that covered it :)

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