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Feb 28, 2013

Hi All!

Does anyone know anything about Tin Can?

When I publish to Tin Can API and load the resulting files to my web server, I get a configuration settings error when I try to launch the training. (Actually it works fine on an iPad and Macintosh, just not on a PC.)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Peter Anderson

Hey Keith!

Is this the message you're seeing?:

"Configuration data is missing or incorrect"

This article might give you some insight into that. And this article will help you determine when to publish for Tin Can API, how to publish, and where to host your published content. 

Feel free to share the file if you can, so we can take a look.
Keith Kemsley

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the bother on this.

Here's what we're trying to do and our logic...

1. Play course that can be played on PC, Macintosh, and iPad

2. The course must have "restricted navigation"

3. SCORM publishing does not allow for the Articulate Mobile Player for iPad in our Absorb LMS and the Articulate Mobile Player is required to restrict navigation

4.Therefore, SCORM is not an option

Here's what's happening with Tin Can API...

1. Publish with standard URL launch location: iPad and Macintosh work fine. PC gives "configuration data is missing" error

2. Publsh with exact URL where the launch file is located: PC still gives "configuration data is missing" error

Which file would you suggest I upload? The .story file? Where would I upload it? Also, we're happy to pay for support if someone at Articulate is familiar with this type of thing!


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