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Aug 14, 2012

Hey all

Brian (at Articulate) helped me nicely to get Articulate output published on

Thread here:

Since then we have upgrade to squarespace6 and also to storyline. Now my problem has re-surfaced. I need to get the output somehow on my website because I want to showcase our creations (once I get a bit better)

I have started with a simple one (attached is the output as a zip file) and I need to figure out how to get this on a normal html webpage. (I am not very technical that way, but squarepace allows you to use iframes very easily)

Help appreciated.


(I posted a follow up question on articulate but got no response, presumably the thread is too old...)

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Dennis Price

SS6 allows me to paste code into a 'box' - much like embedding a video etc. I can upload files to their server (e.g. inserting an image, but I can then not find that image directly (In SS5 - prev version - I had my own library so I could follow the procedures Brian outline easily.) I cannot FTP anything t the site.

Thanks for response ...

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