Pulling together multiple SL2 courses on an LMS from an new SL2 course

Hi folks.

I'm looking at creating a new hire onboarding course.

Much of the content for this already exists as courses within our LMS (currently an on premises SABA migrating to Saba Cloud)

What I'd like to do is at several points in the onboarding class is direct people off to one of the other courses. When they complete that course I'd like them to come back to my course.

I figure I can probably do that with a deep link to the course URL in Saba and use the resume options on the player to make sure they come back to the same place.

Has anyone tried using links in one SL course to start another course in a Saba (or other) LMS?

Is there anyway at all to get the SCORM results back from the called course (probably asking too much here I know!)


Thanks folks



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