SABA LMS not recording results after removing master score

Hi there,

A client's SABA LMS is randomly no longer always recording results of users after exiting the course using the exit course button from the results slide. It has recently been unpredictable and sometimes will record the results. 

Normally I would after publishing the course in Articualte, I then have to remove the MASTER score from the imsmanifest.js file and have correctly zipped file back. The course uses an exit course button on the results slide. It is correctly working in their Moodle LMS however not in SABA. It is also correctly working on SCORMcloud. 

I used the following tutorial successfully in the past and use the SABA tailored program file when publishing to "avoid" the results not recording however it is for some reason now happening. 

The client's user testing team have provided me with screenshots of when the SABA LMS does and does not record the user results attached. When it does record results it says "To exit and save your progress please close this window".

I am not sure where to go from here as I have published 2x other courses on SABA for this client and a version a month ago which worked and did record results. They have recently changed their player to 3x/5.1 Compatibility Template. (Not sure what that means).  

Please help me. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mitzi, sorry you're having trouble! Thanks for letting me know that you already tested in SCORM Cloud and it's working correctly there. 

Hopefully other SABA users can chime in here with their experience. In the meantime, have you tried contacting SABA support? They should be able to help you nail down issues that are specific to their LMS. 

Karuna Reddygari

Hello Mitzi,
I have some issues with Saba for storyline content like the course being marked failed even without completing the quiz bank. Just one question is answered and if we close the player it says  failed for 1 attempt.
Can you give me some suggestions on how to publish the course for Saba LMS. I have scormfunctions.js updated already. What changes should I do to the Mastery score? and in which file the masteryscore is available?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.