Question about how to use Rise and Storyline 360

Hey all!  I have been out of the Storyline game for a few years.  Can someone tell me about "Rise?"  My new client has Storyline 360, and I am looking at how to create an eLearning template for them.  This one looks amazing but I do not want to add cost to their existing license.  Can I use Rise/create a template like this with Storyline 360?  Thank you in advance.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michele,

Choosing when to use the right tool comes with time and practice, especially when they both offer such great choices!

Take a look at how the pros are using Storyline and Rise. 

If they have Storyline 360, they'd also have access to Rise as a part of the Articulate 360 suite. So no extra cost for them there!  

You could definitely create something that looks similar in Storyline, but it won't have the same scroll/flow effects nor adapt to the responsive screens in the same way. Also, since Rise is form based, it's much easier to build, whereas in Storyline you'd need to add all those elements onto the slide stage.