Question and answer areas without using quizz

Dec 10, 2014


I want to have two or three questions for a student to be asked on one slide. under each question I want an area they can type in their answer and then push submit beside it and I would have a layer to show them the ideal answer.  When I use a quizz slide like freeform text entry I can only have one question per slide. 

Any suggestions?



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Kartik Tyagi

Hi Tracy,

Check the following link. I hope it will help you.

Question and answer without quiz

In this slide I've used three question marks as a button on clicking them you'll it will take to you a relevant question laye. This is a custom made slide, where I used text entry's as variable and when user types his/her answer and press answer then a moderator will appear with the Ideal answer of the question. Additionally I gave it a trigger when user attempt the quiz of particular question mark button and close the window, the question mark gets disabled.

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