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Hi there

Some questions we need help with please.

1. We have set up a story and created a Question Bank with a total of  15 - our aim was to draw 10 random questions from the question bank however it is drawing all of the questions.  How do we change to draw only the random 10 questions?

2. If a wrong answer is given for a question, it will tell you it is incorrect but then further along it will repeat the question until you get the answer correct.  For this company to help gauge staff understanding we don't want the question re-asked to give an accurate quiz result.  How do we fix this also?

3.  When the quiz is completed we only want to review the incorrect answers not all of the answers.

4. How do we amend the Scene Title?  We have amended all the title pages but cannot seem to change the title for the scene page.

Please help

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tiffany,

1. I'd look at how the slide draw is set up and ensure that questions are not locked together, and that they're all set to be drawn randomly as well (instead of always):

 2. Within a question bank, the question should only be asked once (although could allow a user more than one attempt) but if you're referring to the same question bank later in the course, there isn't a way to guarantee that the question won't be drawn again as it'll be treated as a new attempt/draw.

3. To only show a certain set of answers on a review or retry, you'll want to set up a method similar to that described in this forum thread. 

4. You'll want to change the scene title from within Story view - you can right click on the Scene and you'll see Rename as an option. 

Hope that helps and please let us know if you need anything else!