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Jul 16, 2013

I have a question bank set up to draw 10 questions from a pool of 20. Is there a way I can get the screen to display a question number, so learners know how far they have progressed?

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Antony Snow

Hi Shanti,

You can achieve this by using a number variable and adding a trigger to each question slide to add 1 to this variable when the timeline of the question slide begins - you will also need to add a text box to each question slide that includes a reference to the variable so variable value is displayed on screen.

In the attached example, I have 7 questions in a QB and I am randomly drawing 5 from it. When you preview the attached, you will see that the question number at the bottom of each question slide always goes up in sequence.

I have also added a further trigger to the retry button on the results slide that changes the variable back to 0 when the user clicks it - this will ensure that the question numbers start from 1 again when further attempts are made.

I hope this helps.



Hi Antony,

Your file was really helpful! I was able to set everything up, but ran into one issue. I have a "Review Quiz" button, not a "Retry Quiz". I added a trigger to set the QuestionNumber variable to 0, yet when I review the quiz, the question numbers begin from 11 and increase thereafter. Why would that be so?

Ron San

i imagine that if PREV button is active on each slide, or worse on selective slides, then you also have have to write a trigger on this button in each slide to subtract 1 from the variable to prevent numbers from increasing everytime you navigate to a previous question.

can someone think of another solution which works in all scenarios without having to create vairables and multiples triggers for each slide.

some of my tests are 150 questions (certification level). so this solution is an admin nightmare.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ron and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm not sure if Shanti or Antony are subscribed to this thread, but it sounds like your on target about setting a trigger on the previous button to subtract one from the variable. Could you set a custom previous button on the slide master with the variable there to subtract one? This way you could use which slides would use that particular master and not have to set the trigger up for each individual slide's previous button. 

Ron San

Thanks Ashley. I could write the trigger in the Master Layout.

However, this wont work when I have enabled Menu because then the user will navigate to questions out of any order.

So I am still looking for a graceful solution.

I think, just like a timer, this is a basic feature of an assessment test (i.e. providing current question number vs total questions).

Its disappointing to learn there is no graceful way to accomplish this.

I noticed that in the question bank each slide is given a number, which i cant change. See the image for Q1.1.

This number is properly generated as I change the sequence of the questions in the bank.

I am assume this number must be stored inside the storyline environment. Can we somehow access this system information?

Debra Bumgarner

Ron San said:

i imagine that if PREV button is active on each slide, or worse on selective slides, then you also have have to write a trigger on this button in each slide to subtract 1 from the variable to prevent numbers from increasing everytime you navigate to a previous question.

Hello all - we here are having an issue getting this trigger to work on the Previous button.  I have created the previous/next buttons for the questions slides and have attempted to figure out a way for the variable to change correctly when moving to the next page or previous page.  Can anyone shed some light on what information needs to be entered for this to work?  Is there a way to tell the program to only add this value of 1 when the page is first visited? 

Ramon Smitherman

Has anyone figured this out.  I have spent hours on what seems like a simple thing. 

All I am trying to do is:

1. Show question X of N on each quiz question

    (not a problem with variables and incrementing them when the slide timeline starts

2. Be able to Review quiz and move forward and backward with Prev and Next  Showing Slide X of N
   (Seems impossible and have not seen a solution offered that works)


What I have tried...

1. Incrementing slide number

     Created Variables QuestionNumber and QuestionCount.  QuestionCount = total number of questions
     Added text box to Quiz Master Slide  Question %SlideNumber% of %SlideCount%

     Add Slide Trigger to Quiz Master Slide. Add 1 to QuestionNumer when timeline start

2. Reset QuestionNumber when user either Retries or Reviews quiz
    Add Trigger to Retry and Review buttons on Results Slide
    Set QuestionNumber =0 when user clicks button
    (Only works if it is placed before the Review Quiz trigger

3. Allow user to move forward and backward in Review Quiz Mode

    Added two Player Triggers for the PREV button on the Quiz Master Slide

    subtract 1 from QuestionNumber when user click PREV  if QuestionNumber > 1

    Jump to Previous Slide if user Click PREV button

    (This will not work because Storyline only executes the first trigger. Changing the order of the triggers results in

      only the first trigger being executed)

    Moving the Triggers from the Quiz Master Slide to the Question Slide made no difference.  Only the first Trigger is

executed regardless of the order.

In my humble opinion this is an ERROR of Storyline.  The only way to effectively use question count is to TURN OFF

Review Results.      

Ian Jaffe

We are using an identical solution to number a quiz in one of our courses.  Today an issue was identified with the numbering in which during a retry of the quiz the counter will randomly increment twice.  So in our example we have 15 questions.  The first time through we get numbers 1 of 15 through 15 of 15 on the questions in our text box.  If you fail the quiz we allow a retry and during any retries at some point the counter will increment twice so at the end we end up with 16 of 15 as our question counter.  

The example file above that Antony posted does the same thing.  During a retry I can see the counter increment twice.  I ran through his example multiple times and the double increment is on the different question each time just like in our course.  Our variables are set exactly the same as those in his example (seems we had similar ideas of how to do this numbering).

Has anyone else reported this or run into it?  Is there a solution to this issue available?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bridget!

You can check out the difference in Storyline and Studio here.

In regards to question numbering:

The closest option would be to use the "Question List" option in the Quizmaker '13 player options. This will not number the questions, but it will give learners a better idea of where they are and how many questions there are in the quiz. 

Another option would be to modify the name of the question to include a number. Of course, if you're randomizing questions, this probably won't work for your project.

If you'd like to see additional options in Quizmaker '13, please let our development team know.

Bridget Burns

I have Studio '13 Professional, but I also have Storyline 2. Storyline 2 is where my question bank resides and it is already created.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bridget! Let's go back to you being able to open the file then. Are you getting an error or is it simply asking you if you'd like to Upgrade the file? Looks like the original file you were wanting to download is a Storyline 1 file, but you are able to upgrade to Storyline 2.

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