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Jun 26, 2018

Hello Community,

I have a SCORM package that contains only a quiz with a question bank that pulls the questions randomly. I have set all slides to resume saved state because I want to allow the learners to come and go as they please, but I noticed a strange behavior in our LMS and need to know if this is a Storyline programming bug, or how this package is interacting with the LMS, or if I have the wrong options selected. When the learner returned to complete the quiz our LMS didn't recognize the previous answers and only recorded the grade for the last question answered. I have included the SCORM package, original storyline file, and a screen capture of the clients final grade with the grade the LMS posted in the background, before returning to the quiz the learner had a grade of 67%. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I work with Storyline 360.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Barb,

Thanks for sharing your files and allowing me to take a look.

A great way that we like to test to identify if an issue lies within the LMS or within the project file is to test via SCORM Cloud. If you are able to replicate, it's normally something that we would want to take a look at, and if not, you can follow up with your LMS team to see what may be going on.

I published your file to LMS and did not experience an issue with scoring when resuming the course. I took part of the course, left and LMS displayed 53%, resumed, finished the course, scored 91.66% according to the result slide and the LMS displayed the same information.

Take a look at my published output here and see if you are able to recreate the behavior you experienced in your LMS.

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