Question Bank Submit button does not change next and back

I have two question banks. First one works. There are about 9 questions. The users advances by selecting an answer and clicking submit. If the user exits the quiz page and revisits the quiz, the user can navigate through the one already answered by clicking next button ( articulate displays a next and back button instead of the submit button for those questions already answered) .

However in the second question Bank:

The next and back button does not display. When revisiting the quiz it freezes on the first Question answered. I can see the Submit button but no next or back button.  Has anyone run into that ?

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ahssan moshref

Hi Leslie,

I am not using a result Slide.  There is no score requirements for the quiz.  I have two quiz banks first one works fine but the second bank does not.   Is it possible that there is a glitch in Storyline. I tried creating a 3rd question bank from scratch and the same problem. I removed all the content pages and variables associated with them and left only the two questions in the attached file. I am using  Storyline 2.  Would this help?


Leslie McKerchie

I was able to recreate this issue in a new file, with new questions, and without using the master slide (so none of those factors are at play). I do see where we have a similar issue reported to our QA Team, so I will share this thread along with both of our files for further investigation.

I do not have a timeline on when this may be resolved Ahssan.