Question Banks - Jumping to Specific Slide

Feb 27, 2021

Hi!  I am creating a quiz inside of a question bank where users click the question number to a specific question.  For example, if student clicks 1, he or she is taken to question 1.  However, the dilemma has to do with randomization.  How do I dynamically designate the number marker to correspond to the correct slide inside of the question bank?  Is this possible without creating a ton of variables and triggers?

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Anthony Goss

I need them to be randomized.  I can't figure this out at all.  I actually don't think it is possible without some kind of custom Javascript, and even then, I don't think it would work.  This is an issue when using question banks and "jump to slide" -> "this slide."  SInce SL can't determine which questions would be in what order, you can't anticipate the numbering.  I could leave the numbers out altogether.....thinking of an alternative solution as randomization is critical. 

Zachary Hunter

I'm also looking into this. I am trying to allow a learner to be able to go to specific slides within the question bank before submitting (specifically if they skipped without answering), but cannot find any information on slide-specific navigation. My alternative is creating a LOT of triggers based on some custom JS for each question in a test.