Question: Combining two shapes into one

Mar 25, 2016


I would like to make my own word balloons. How do I combine an oval and a triangle to seamlessly form one shape. Is it possible to save it? Can I take off the outline. I am aware of the templates, but I want a thinner tale than the templates offer.



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Walt Hamilton

Lots of ways.

You can put up an oval and a triangle, modify them and them group them. Unlike PP, SL will let you make individual changes to them individually even while they are grouped. This is sometimes a double edged sword, as groups don't always act like you may expect them to.

GroupĀ  them, set one or both to no outline, whatever fill you want, right-click and edit the text, whatever.

saving? right click and choose save as picture, but now you can't put text in them. you have to add a text box, and if you make that mess a group, I think you are asking for more trouble than it is worth.

You can use the Curve tool in PP and edit the points, and work virtual miracles, but I think it will import as a picture, and not a shape, which again makes them hard to write on. (I'm not really sure about it coming in as a shape, you might experiment and let us know.)

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