Question on publishing an assessment to Cornerstone on Demand

We have just passed on an assessment to a client that was previously hosted on Articulate Online.  The client is using Cornerstone on Demand.  The issue is that previously when we were publishing this assessment, we did not want a learner to see a 'failed' notification or be able to review their answers.  This resulted in them seeing an "incomplete" notification.  We did a work-around by adding on the results screen to ignore this.  In the results slide option box, none of the options were ticked.

At the time we were led to understand by Articulate support response that this was about all we could do on AO. The client who is now hosting on Cornerstone is having the same issue and has asked if it is possible to resolve this-- so when a learner completes the assessment, they will get a "completed" notification on their Cornerstone dash.

Any thought son this- or how to accomplish it?

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Bud Keegan

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Bud,

It sounds like you're tracking by the results slide? What about tracking by total number of slides viewed instead? I'm not incredibly familiar with Cornerstone - but there is a thread here where a number of users have discussed some issues they've had with it.

Thanks for the always-great quick response! I know it is possible to track by slides completed but is it also possible to track by actual scoring as well? I'd like the learner to see that they've completed the assessment but not see what their score is-- is thsi possible in Articulate Online? I've been doing my own testing and it doesn't appear that you can?

Leonard Puglia

Hi Bud,

I have a client who also uses Corner stone.

I always publish courses that return an Complete/Incomplete status - our testing showed that Cornerstone didn't like the other 3 options.

(this is in the publish section, under LMS>Output Options>Reporting and tracking)

To my knowledge, this doesn't return a score to the LMS - just an complete or incomplete status.

Cornerstone goes OK with either SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.

With regards to not allowing learners to review their answers, I usually un-tick this option in the results slide, but sometimes the button still comes up in the success and fail layers. I just delete it.

Hope this helps.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bud,

You could choose to block the user seeing their score on the results slide, but stopping an LMS from displaying it to the user will be LMS specific. For Articulate Online, if you're tracking by a results slide, the user will be able to see their score within the Articulate Online set up.

As Leonard mentioned, you can include completion and success status within Storyline - but the LMS may have particular requirements on what you need to set as the passing settings.