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Dec 01, 2014


I'm having an issue with an eLearning module built in Storyline (original version, not 2) and looking for help. This is the issue:

- For the test users who have passed the assessment in their first try, the module worked (i.e it tripped over to complete)

- However, for those test users who have failed the assessment in their first try, re-did the assessment and passed the second try, the module didn’t trip over to complete.

I have inputted a ‘close button’ that appears when someone successfully completes the assessment (as a layer) and attached the javascript to the close button: SetStatus(“completed”);. So in both instances the testers have used the ‘close’ button, which should change the status to ‘completed’ due to the javascript. But it’s not working for the second group ie: the ones that failed the first time.

The LMS is Cornerstone on Demand.

Any ideas appreciated...


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Terrena Hooper

Hi Kartik

Thanks for your advise. I actually set the tracking to be based on the
'results' slide - rather than number of slides viewed ie: if they pass the
course assessment it should change the status to 'completed', but I also
added the javascript just in case as I had an issue with a different module
and the javascript solved it.



Terrena Hooper

Hi Wendy

I ran it through scorm cloud and the status is consistent with our LMS. See

I have looked at the report and I can't find anything in there that sticks
out other than a think that says it's not satisfied:

Satisfied: false
Completed: false
Progress Status: true
Attempts: 1
Suspended: false

When I set each question, I made the quiz to have 1 attempt. Could that be
the problem? That it's not resetting properly and considering that out of a
total of 20 questions, the person scored less than 90%? Instead of counting
out of 10 questions ie: the second 10 that were all correct?



Terrena Hooper

Hi Wendy

I didn't find any. What is weird is that the other modules I published
don't seem to have the same problem, yet what I used is basically a
template by now.

I'm going to do some comparisons between modules that are working and the
module that isn't this arvo. I'll let you know if I solve it... I'll post
to that discussion board too - others may end up having the same problem...



Terrena Hooper

Hi Wendy

I noted that I didn't set the results properly - that a quiz type activity
in the middle of the module was being recorded in the assessment results
(you know how you can tick/untick what is included in the 'results). So I
fixed that.

I also adjusted that someone can get 80% correct to pass.

I double-checked that it 'reset' of the results occurs linked to the
'retry' assessment button.

A Dementia module built the same way is tracking perfectly. I compared
everything in Storyline and the design of both modules looks the same to
me. Both modules have the 'close' button appear if someone is successful.
When they click 'close' I have set it to 'exit' module and also put in the
javascript to change the status to 'completed'. I checked the javascript
code for errors also.

So none of these efforts has solved the problem ie: if you fail the test
the first time, and re-do it successfully it doesn't record as 'completed'.

The debug log is here from scorm cloud - I don't know what I'm looking for
and what can be wrong? Are you able to have a look? Let me know if you need
to see more logs, or if you want me send you the file.

Let me know of a charge etc to do this and I will get approval...


0430 387 552

Wendy Farmer

Hey Terrena

I expanded the bottom of the log file - maybe do the same with the course that works correctly and see what the differences are.

Also check out this blog about Storyline and LMS Issues - if you can't work out from there I would open a support case with Articulate

This line is about 2 lines from the bottom of the log file.

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