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Hello Forum! This is my first time posting a question, I tried to find the answer but have come up empty so far.

I'd like to do two things with the player but I'm not sure if it is possible:

1. Can I rename the "Notes" tab to something like "508 Compliant Notes"? I am using the Notes to display the audio in text for my course.

2. Is there a way to publish or modify the player to be bigger? I'm getting feedback that when viewing on in Articulate Online the course seems very tiny as it is within the player window (which is smaller than the browser window). I think displaying the Notes in my course may have something to do with this, but would love some suggestions on how to improve the size of the course in the player.

Thank you!

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Julia Koller

Hi Elena!

Welcome to the forum!

1) Yes, you can rename the Notes Tab. The editable text for the tab can be found by clicking, Home >> Player Properties >> Text Labels. In that area you will see many built-in player labels that can be edited, as well as translations.

2) There are also multiple ways to change the Player size. One is to edit the size of your Storyline slides. Click Design >> Story Size. A second way to control sizing (I use this a LOT), is to unlock the scaling of the Player. Home >> Player Properties >> Other. You will see two Browser Settings that you can fiddle with, to see what might work best for your students.

If you have the time, I would also recommend going through the tutorials:

They aren't quite as direct as the forum (sometimes I really have to hunt for what I'm looking for), but still a good place to pick up tips and tricks.

Elena Strain

Thank you Julia! I tried your tip for editing the Notes tab and completed that successfully. Still tinkering with the player size but hope to confirm later this afternoon.

I appreciate your help and the link to the tutorial - I've watched a few but didn't locate this one when I was hunting for an answer yesterday!

Julia Koller

You're very welcome Elena. I'm glad I was able to help a little. I'm not sure there is a perfect solution for the player size. It seems to be an ongoing issue in my company as well. Just when we think we've hit on a good solution that works for 95%, a few months later a customer will bring it up again. So... if it becomes frustrating, you're not alone.