Quiz answer collation

Hi,I need your advise please.

Here's what I'm wanting to do - create a quiz with these results:

  • say there's 5 quiz slides
  • I'm wanting pull their selected responses so they appear on a final slide (final for that part of the quiz)
  • with that final slide I'm wanting a response to confirm the consequences of those actions (correct/incorrect) - I can probably work this one out it's the pulling of the responses I'm not sure about

Is this possible? I'm probably just having a blank moment:0.

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Sandy Mason

Brilliant, it can be done! 

Thanks Wendy, I don't have anything to show as it's an idea. That works well, I've added another slide but can't work out how to get the response in there. I'll give it a go when the time comes but if you can give me the heads up on how that'll be awesome.

I also won't have correct/incorrect layers on the slides, and the retry quiz will be available.

Hmm, that brings a further thought... how do multiple results slide report to the end result slide?

Wendy Farmer

HI Sandy

If you're giving them a retry quiz options, then all the variables I have set would need to be reset to start again and there will be a lot of triggers to get you to what you want using my method - perhaps someone else has an easier way. 

Not sure what you mean by multiple result slides...won't you have one result slide with each response and then the user could click a button to view feedback for each response - hard to say without knowing all your requirements.

Let me know when you're closer to building