Quiz draws more questions than asked for

Hi, I have made several quizes using Storyline 2. My problem is this: I have set Draw questions randomly to include 2 questions only.  When previewing, some quizes draw e.g. five questions even though the question bank includes only 3-4 questions, i.e. some questions pop up twice.

Also, I do not know whether the preview function in this case should draw only 2 questions as requested, or does it show all the questions in the question bank?

Would be grateful for some help and information.

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Tracy Parish

If you are previewing while in the question bank (or while viewing slides within the bank) the Yes, all questions will be shown.  


However, if you preview the slides/scene where the question bank is being drawn from you should only see the 2 random ones pulled.

Versus previewing here:

Margita Tornqvist

Hi Tracy, thanks for your answer, but I'm sorry to say I didn't get any wiser (probably due to me being new to Storyline).

I fully understand your first example, but not the other. What do you mean by "preview... where the question bank is being drawn from"? I can only preview from story view or when I'm on a slide in the scene (?), and both give the same result -> all questions shown + two questions are shown twice. Now that I've studed the quizes more in detail I've found that in all my quizes the preview shows the number of actual questions slides + 2 = the number of slides in the scene (incl. draw from question bank and result slides).

Now I also copied a quiz to attach so you could see the problem, and got even more confused. I changed all the questions to Q1 etc, and answers to A1 etc., all shown OK in story view. Burt when clicking on Draw from question bank there the old slides still are...? And the preview is drawing two questions from those. Help!