Quiz feedback slide has extra artifacts and doesn't appear as designed

Greetings Heroes!

When I try to create custom feedback slides, I get an extra continue button, my filled text boxes don't show up, text moves all over the slides, and it's just mayhem.

I have tested this using a blank Articulate file (no template), and creating a slide from scratch and everything just goes awry. I can't insert any placeholders in the top master slide, and the sub slide colored boxes in the Feedback Master don't show up in the slide layers.

I have attached a screenshot showing the random continue button and the file where I have a colored box in each of the feedback master slides, but the colored box doesn't show up in the actual feedback.

I have always had this problem with Storyline 2.0, but I really need to know what is going wrong now.

Thank you, gurus!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Victoria!

I'm not sure I understand what you are reporting here. I see the image, but I'm not seeing additional buttons in your sample file.

I applied the layouts to the slide layers and the boxes are showing up as expected.

Feedback masters in Articulate Storyline let you control the default themes, colors, fonts, text, and objects for question feedback layers. Save time by using feedback masters to apply a consistent look and feel to feedback layers throughout your course. See this tutorial for details.

If you do not want the form view information showing, you can remove this.

Victoria Sublette

HI Leslie,

Please see in the png file (in my last post), where there are 2 continue buttons. One I misspelled to show it was the one I created, but where did the other one come from?

In the attached Storyline file, the boxes are not showing up for me. Attached are two screenshots: the Feedback Master with the boxes and the resulting feedback slide that does not have the boxes on it.

Robin Eskandari

Leslie. I watched your video, and you deleted the "that is incorrect....". Can you get rid of the "Incorrect" title at the top of the screen? I updated my "try again" feedback template, so it is hard coded to say try again, instead of incorrect at the top. Then I apply my template and it looks fine, except for the "incorrect" that is a title on that slide. It allows me to delete it from the timeline, but I am wondering if there is another way that I don't have to take that step EVERY time I use my try again feedback template.