Quiz layers disappearing

Apr 17, 2015

Hi all, I need some help please!

We just converted from Storyline 1 to 2.  We started by converting a course that we starting in 1.  Everything works perfectly except for the check for understanding questions we have throughout the course.

When the user answers the question, a Correct, Incorrect or Try Again layer should show with a Continue button that would allow the user to move forward or try again.  Right now, when they submit the question, the layer shows and immediately slides up until it disappears.  So the user can't click on the Continue button.

It acts as if there is an animation on the layer, but I have checked multiple times and there is no animation on the layer or its components.

It works perfectly in Storyline 1, so I thought it maybe was the conversion.  I tried just creating a new questions slide from scratch in Storyline 2, but I'm getting the same results.

Can anyone help me?  Thanks!

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